Open 7 days a week!
                                                                                             Open 7 days a week!

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Owner Gabrielle Mattina grew up on the West Side of Buffalo just a few blocks away from the Gypsy Parlor. After running restaurants and bars for other people it was time to open her own place. Gabrielle has always been in love with the old immigrant neighborhood. She combined this love for the neighborhood with her passion for mixing drinks and throwing parties. There hasn't been a bar like this on Grant street in a long time, Gabrielle has fulfilled her dreams and has made her contribution to the resurgence of the West Side by opening Gypsy Parlor- an ecletic, eccentric neighborhood bar where everyone and anyone is welcome! 


Behind the bar daily or in the kitchen, stop in today and get to know her personally.

Todd Mattina is the Co-owner of the Gypsy Parlor. Every gaudy inch of the bar/restaurant was restored or built by him. Todd is not only is a bad ass carpenter, he is also an amazing cook. He actually is the inventor of "The Stuffed Bread," a culinary masterpiece. Todd is all around brilliant. Come in and have a drink with the guy, or break something and watch how he magically fixes it.

Felicia Volkmar is the boss babe  at the Gypsy Parlor. A true gypsy soul, its her goal to make sure everyone has a good time. Her passions include talking hockey, travelling, whiskey and Pop Punk. She is a great singer as well.  Catch her here pretty much every day and night!

Mitch has been with us for quite some time. He's been killing it in the kitchen! Mitch has an impeccable palette. Stop in and try some of his weekly culinary creations from the features menu!

Kellie Bee is our weekend warrior. SHe works full time as a speach pathologist. Kellie also has been known to model from time to time. You can't miss a woman with brains and beauty!

Our Ricky was meant to live during the classic rock era, instead he rocks it in our kitchen. If you're not enjoying his Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, enjoy his easy going personality on Thursday nights when he hosts our weekly karaoke.

Andrew Deletto all the way from NYC! He studied jewelry making at Buff State. His attention to detail and creativity shows in the food he serves. 

Tre Marsh is everyone's favorite co-worker and bartender. He is as cool as a cucumber. Catch Tre not only at Gypsy, but he also performs hip hop and reggae as Tr38cho.

Jon is not one to be messed with, fresh out of the Airforce. He's a newer member of our team and fits right in. He's fast and ferious, I mean friendly! Join jon for late nights Sunday through Tuesday and a couple other shifts during the week. He works all the time because in a couple years he'll own his own joint so tip him extra as an investor!


Jeci is the resident tarot reader. She takes appoinments and walk ins on Fridays at dinner. She is an amazing singer and song writer. Jeci also bartends every Sunday from 5pm-10pm! What isn't she good at?

Justin is a jack of all trades. He bartends and cooks. It's nice having a guy that can fill in where needed. Justin is the kind of guy you need on your team, but too bad for you he's on our team.

Meet Phil aka Big Brother, the rapper from another mother. Phil bartends for 50 cent wing night every Sunday and also does security. The guys wingspan is as long as Micheal Jordan's. Well damn.

Olivia is the baby of the crew. She also is a show promoter. Catch this little wild child behind the pine and also floating about and bossing people around at music festivals.

Photography by AlanAdetolArts Photography

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